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007's Scottish Haunts

Posted by Luci Ackers on Nov 05, 2015

Top Three Filming Locations in Scotland

In 2012 Skyfall revealed a new side to Daniel Craig's James Bond during an emotional trip to Scotland revisiting his roots. The wild, stunning landscape was ideal for the denouement of this intricate and action-packed plot and, what with the recent release of Spectre (2015), it got us wondering about the other filming locations that have been used throughout this iconic film franchise.

Scotland has featured a number of times throughout the years and with its raw beauty and breathtaking, lonely landscapes it is little wonder why. If you're staying in Scotland why not make some time to visit these top Bond sites...



It is no secret that Bond's roots lie in Scotland, author Ian Fleming has mentioned it more than once and, following a direct reference in the novel You Only Live Twice (1964), it was only appropriate that his family home be located in Glencoe where his father was said to have come from. Although the building of 'Skyfall' itself was a replica constructed elsewhere, much of the finale of the film was set and filmed in Glencoe and the nearby misty Glen Etive. Glencoe is a pretty little glen located on the banks of the Loch Leven, and is truly a picturesque place to visit.


Eilean Donan Castle

This majestic view of the restored 13th Century castle appeared in The World Is Not Enough (1999) when it cameoed as the MI6 headquarters in Scotland. Perched on its small island in the midst of the Lochs Long and Duich, the Castle provides an imposing sight, backed by wooded hills and stretched all around by water, linked to the mainland by a long footbridge. Today you can explore Eilean Donan Castle, learn about its history as a stronghold of the Clan Mackenzie and how it fared during the Jacobite rising. There is now a visitor centre onsite with a coffee shop and gift shop.



The West coast of Scotland seems to be a favourite for boating scenes. The stunning lochs here have great scenery and one has even passed for the Mediterranean before!

In From Russia With Love (1963) the dramatic boat chase scene, which was set off the Turkish coastline, was actually filmed in the waters of Loch Craignish in Argyll. Sean Connery sets off from the pier at Lunga House and then the chase finale takes place off the shore of Crinan and in the picturesque Loch Craignish, whose surroundings were deemed pretty enough to replicate the rocky coastline of Turkey. 


Stay in beautiful Scotland for yourself, discover incredible scenery and see why the country is a favourite with directors. Simply follow the link to take a look at our Scottish properties.


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Luci Ackers
Author: Luci Ackers

Luci loves getting out and about for a good cycle ride or easy-going walks in the countryside, and thoroughly enjoyed the time she previously spent working for the National Trust. Her love of writing started from a young age and on rainy days nothing beats curling up in a secret corner with a good book.

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