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Superb UK dog walks

Posted by Luci Ackers on Feb 14, 2018

Explore stunning coast and countryside with man's best friend.

We know just how fun it is to explore the UK's beautiful places with your four-legged friend, and we're not the only ones... After the success of last year's similar programme, More4 is presenting its new series of Walks with my Dog which is currently available on catch-up TV. This eight-part series follows a group of celebrities as they embark upon glorious walks with their dogs around the rugged coastline and glorious countryside of the UK.

Walks with my Dog will see the likes of Bill Bailey wandering through Exmoor National Park, and Robert Lindsay explore the coast of Cornwall; Phill Spencer visits the historic Kent marshes while Emma Kennedy ventures to the Lake District. The programme covers many other areas of the UK and it's guaranteed to inspire you to get out there and do some walking of your own.

Luckily Rural Retreats has a fantastic collection of properties that are ideally located for hiking and walking. And around half of these are dog friendly! So now it's even easier to get out there and explore some of the UK's most beautiful areas with your four-legged friend.

The programme focusses on a whole set of regions, National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, providing facts, local tales and interesting places to visit nearby. Not only will we get to see the area from the celebrities' perspective, but we also get a dog's-eye-view of everything as some of the pooches are supplied with a special 'canine-cam'. So if you're joining us for a holiday with the dog, the programme will certainly provide you with some great ideas for walkies!

Some of the featured locations are listed below, and if you click on a destination you can find all of our properties that are available in that area. You can specify 'dog-friendly properties' on our website by checking the box on the left hand side of the page.

More4's Walks with my Dog 2017 will be focussing on:

And certain National Parks such as:

Alternatively, view our website for our full portfolio of over 400 holiday properties and decide on your next adventure.

You can currently watch Walks with my Dog online on More4.

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Luci Ackers
Author: Luci Ackers

Luci loves getting out and about for a good cycle ride or easy-going walks in the countryside, and thoroughly enjoyed the time she previously spent working for the National Trust. Her love of writing started from a young age and on rainy days nothing beats curling up in a secret corner with a good book.

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