Time Team explore Scargill Castle's history in Northern Yorkshire

What was Scargill Castle before it became the stunning holiday property that it is today?

Having been featured on the TV show Time Team, we know more about Scargill castle than we perhaps otherwise might have done.

Located in County Durham in north Yorkshire, Scargill Castle, which resembles a fortified manor, dates back to the 12th century when it was built by Warren de Scargill while he was overseeing a nearby project for Henry II.

Fragments of the outlying earthworks have been discovered from this early time. Tony Robinson and his team delved deep into the castle's history to find the surrounding barmkin (the defensive medieval walls) and remnants of domestic life inside the castle, such as gaming dice.

The team looked into Scargill's medieval origins and later history through survey, excavation and research. The building, which remained in the Scargill family up until the 16th century, was rebuilt as a Tudor dowager house around 1550 for Mary Scargill. The design of this three-storey gatehouse is still evident today in Scargill Castle's current structure.

Having fallen into decline and passed hands a number of times, restoration work finally began on the building in 2000 and it was as work was underway in 2008, that part of the site was excavated by Channel 4's Time Team. The castle was able to be restored to reflect its former glory and maintains much of its Tudor charm. What was once a courtyard of surrounding buildings now forms a little garden. There are ornate timbre ceiling beams and a wood burning stove set within a Tudor fireplace. This is an ideal hideaway for a couple looking for a romantic escape.

The property is now a really special retreat for two, close to the Yorkshire Dales National Park and North Pennines. The beautiful interiors will transport you back in time; modern luxuries are complimented by contemporary twists that evoke the Tudor past, while the surrounding Teesdale countryside offers lovely walks and scenery.

Find out how to stay in Scargill Castle for yourself by clicking here.


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