'Cumbria is open'

Following a trying couple of months, Cumbrian residents are pushing themselves to bounce back in the aftermath of the terrible floods from last December.

Storm Desmond bought an unusually large amount of rainfall and very strong winds, breaking the UK's 24 hour rainfall record with 341.4 mm of rainfall falling on Honister in Cumbria between the 4th and 5th December 2015. Police declared the situation a 'major incident' with thousands of homes flooded, streets flooded, major power cuts and many people evacuated.

But the cleanup has been progressing well and Cumbria is still going! Despite the set backs the residents and local authorities are banding together and the Lake District National Park is pushing the message that 'Cumbria is open'. Residents are keen to show that life in the Lakes can go on and with such a successful tourist industry, it's important to encourage visitors to continue supporting the communities and local businesses. The National Park Authority says it is important that anyone who is thinking of visiting knows that the majority of places are still open and accessible and as beautiful as ever!

This time of year is stunning in the Lake District and it would be such a shame to miss out on the beauty of the landscape. Though roads were closed and there has been damage to a number of footpaths and bridges the area is still very accessible, repairs are underway and the National Park Authority has produced a rights of way map to show where you can go safely. They update their list of temporary closures regularly, so remember to check your routes before you set off and you should be absolutely fine!


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