The Lake District National Park becomes a UNESCO World Heritage Site

July 2017 saw the inclusion of the Lake District National Park into the UNESCO World Heritage list. At a gathering of the World Heritage Committee in Kraków the decision was made to make the Lake District the first National Park in the UK to win heritage status.

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The Lake District is not only the largest, but also one of the oldest national parks in the UK, first inscribed back in 1951, and is characterised by its iconic landscape of peaks and fells.

This incredible landscape was gouged out by the glacial movements of the last Ice Age and has been shaped over the past 1,000 years by the combined activity of humans and nature. A stunning and unique landscape comprises wild countryside, rugged mountains, elegant parklands, grand houses and picturesque lakes teaming with wildlife.

The famous Lake District has been inspiring artists and writers for centuries, becoming a focal point for Wordsworth, Coleridge, Ruskin and Beatrice Potter among many more. The Romantic Period saw a new importance placed on landscape and natural beauty and, with that, a new drive to protect it. The preservation of its wildlife and history ensures visitors will continue to be able to enjoy the Lake District which currently receives roughly 18 million tourists per year!

We’re so proud to have this incredible national Park recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its undeniable beauty, combined with a cultural and geological heritage that has been impacted by agricultural use and the people and animals that call it home, has surely all contributed to the Lake District’s enviable new status.

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