Really enjoy yourself this summer: Eight ideas for fun in the sun

Eight great ideas for a summer of fun

The summer's here and it's time for some fun. If you want to make the most of the British summer, here's some cracking ideas for how to spend your time.


Pub Garden

Find a pub with a fantastic garden and spend a lazy afternoon relaxing in the sunshine with a good drink. Particular favourites are:

The Pandora Inn, Falmouth, Cornwall

An award winning pub dating from the 13th century that is located right on the Carrick Roads, with a seating area that extends on a pontoon out into the water. Eat fine food to views of boats and the sounds of lapping water. Visit their website here.

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St. Kew Inn, Cornwall

A 15th century Inn located in a picturesque village that has won a number of awards. The pub is stunningly planted out the front and has a charming garden at the back. Visit their website here.

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View our range of Cornwall properties.



Pool Party

What summer is complete without a pool party? Gather friends and family and enjoy a refreshing dunk in the back garden. Alternatively have a romantic evening under the stars in a hot tub.

View our range of properties with a hot tub/jacuzzi.

View our range of properties with or near a swimming pool.


A Trip to The Beach

It's a must. As soon as the sun comes out we all start flooding to the beach. The great thing about the British Isles is that you are never too far from the sea! And we are lucky enough to have some absolutely stunning stretches of coastline. Whether it's the sandy south coast of Cornwall, the thriving Norfolk Coast, Pembrokeshire's rocky National Park or the dramatic coast of the Highlands, we've got an array of properties close to all kinds of lovely beaches.

View our beach properties.


Watch the Sunrise

While the early mornings aren't quite as nippy, why not make a special effort to see the day in and watch the sunrise together. Make your way to a high point (facing east!), sit and simply enjoy. It's a fantastic way to start the day. Many coastal spots along Britain's east coast provide stunning sunrises where the orange glow is reflected back in the water below. But inland you can find just as stunning views if you know where to head: the Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is an ideal place. The walk from the British Camp car park up the Herefordshire Beacon is relatively easy to climb (great for early morning) and when at the top, the sunrise is spectacular.

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Have a barbecue with your friends and family. The days are long, the evenings are warm – why not make a day out of it and enjoy each other's company? Stick some drinks in a bucket of ice and get the barbecue going for a day in the garden.

We have a great selection of properties with their own barbecues and patios. View our full collection online.


Go Fishing

Whether you want to pick up a new skill, or you're an old hand already, fishing is a fantastic summer activity. It's calm and relaxing and not too strenuous in hot weather. You can sit and enjoy the sights and the sounds around you; take a book, take a picnic and spend the day outdoors. You still get to feel like you're being productive because whatever you catch will sort out dinner – chuck it on that barbecue with some simple seasoning and impress everyone at dinner time. Sounds like the perfect summer's day.

View our large range of properties that have fishing facilities nearby.


Open air Cinema

Watch a film under the stars at one of England's much loved heritage locations. The Summer Nights Film Festival is a succession of outdoor screenings of popular films taking place at various locations. Three of the venues are in Derbyshire this year: Hardwick Hall, Kedleston Hall and Calke Abbey, within easy reach of the Peak District.

View our Peak District properties.

Take a look at Summer Nights' website to plan a visit to one of the screenings.



Nothing beats a good punt down the river. Get some strawberries, bring along some bubbly and go for a gentle journey down the River Thames. Oxford is a beautiful city to explore by boat. Admire the the old buildings and architecture and the picturesque banks of the river as you go.

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